Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Concrete Counter Top Magic

OK, so maybe concrete isn't really magic. But it sure can make ugly Formica counter tops disappear. We use a concrete overlay product that can be applied to virtually any surface like laminate, tile, wood, fireplace surrounds and Formica. It can be used on floors, shower and tub surrounds and of course, counter tops. It is an environmentally friendly product because it is Low V.O.C. But even more earth friendly is the fact that you don't have to tear out the old counter tops and tile. When you use a concrete micro topping in your kitchen or bath remodel you will be recycling your existing surfaces and keeping them out of the land fill. Who knows, you might even get a thank you letter from Al Gore.

Here is a before picture of a project we just finished. The homeowners had Formica counter tops that were in terrible shape.
The trim was peeling off and there were cracks and holes.
They wanted to have the counter tops replaced because they were selling the home. Today's home buyers have been indoctrinated through HGTV. Every home buyer in this area expects to see granite or stone counter tops in kitchens. We were able to simulate a limestone texture in a solid durable finish for a fraction of the price of granite.This concrete micro topping can be faux finished in limitless ways. Like the industrial acid stain look? We can do that. How about granite, marble or travertine? We can do that too.

This finishing solution is perfect for home sellers looking to upgrade, home buyers looking to remodel, and the discriminating home owner who wants something completely original and custom. And although we can't guarantee that Al Gore will actually send you a thank you letter, we do know that the Earth will thank you.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Painted Mural Alternatives

As I mentioned last month we are very excited to be working with William Bell, our new business partner at Bell and Tucker. We had the pleasure of working together on this beautiful Tattoowall ceiling installation, the first one in Tennessee! This product has really integrated art and technology.
Here is a picture of the ceiling prior.
This was done about 3 years ago. The former artist tried to work with a square image and make it fit into a circle. To make it work, they had to hand paint two of the cherubs into the finish. This ceiling probably took weeks to complete at a considerable cost to the homeowner. We were able to finish this entire area in one afternoon plus a few hours of touch up painting. Here are a few in progress pictures.
Ceiling primed and ready for image
Applying the first image.
Smoothing out the wrinkles.
Image revealed.
Applying another panel.
The finished result speaks for itself.
We hope to see many more of these Tattoowall projects in our future. Special thanks to Gaia Calcaterra of Architexture for helping to insure a flawless installation. Oh, and if you are in the market for a painted mural. We do that too.