Sunday, May 24, 2009

We love painting murals

If you asked Brooks what his favorite subject matter to paint is he would tell you murals. And if the truth be told it was a mural that was the gateway into the faux painting business for us. When we were dating he would draw cartoons for me on cocktail napkins. I was definitely impressed and could tell he had some raw talent. His favorite recurring character was a cowboy smoking a cigarette. It became kind of his signature character like Charles Schultz's Snoopy. So fast forward, we had been married a couple of years and were expecting twins. When it came time to plan the nursery, Brooks decided he would paint a mural. We decided on a circus theme since we knew the next few years of our lives would be total chaos trying to care for two babies. I was a little apprehensive and secretly hoped that no one in the mural would be wearing a cowboy hat or smoking a cigarette.

Oh ye of little faith; I was completely surprised by the final product and I am including a picture of it here. This mural was the start of all things Faux Daddy. People who visited our house started asking if he could paint something for them, they started telling their friends and word got out. We are always happy when we get calls and referrals for murals. It reminds us of where it all began. Brooks recently completed some murals and I have included some pictures of those as well. And you'll be happy to know that no one is wearing a cowboy hat or smoking a cigarette.

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