Saturday, August 15, 2009

Back Yard Burgers Mural Project

Brooks just finished a really cool mural project in Murfreesboro, TN at Back Yard Burgers restaurant. They were converting an existing Calypso Cafe (think Caribbean purple & yellow) into a casual family style restaurant. There was a great eat in area that was accented with 4 columns. They had the idea to transform the 4 columns into trees and to make the eat in area look like a backyard. We painted clouds on the ceiling and a mural on the back wall depicting a family enjoying their back yard. We are hoping that this will lead to additional projects as they update some of their older restaurants. If you are in the area, go and enjoy a burger and some atmosphere.


  1. What a cute idea..maybe you should present this to the corporate headquarters....It totally makes sense.

  2. Thanks, we actually worked with their corporate office and they are considering other stores that need renovation.