Thursday, October 1, 2009

Painted Furniture

Last year for the Home Decorating and Remodeling Show in Nashville, TN we had a huge booth space and were racking our brains for ideas to fill the space and showcase Brooks' beautiful paint treatments. We came up with the idea to paint some furniture. We found some pieces on Craig's list that we picked up very inexpensively and then gave them a makeover. The pieces he painted turned out to be the hit of the show. We gave away a dresser last year at the show. We also painted this table. This year Brooks painted another table and a buffet. I had been begging him to paint the buffet for my birthday and the Home Show was the perfect excuse for him to get it done. It now has a new home in my foyer. The table is still for sale. If you are interested, drop me a comment or an e-mail.

Well, we met so many wonderful people who stopped to admire the buffet. We also had about 100 people stop to tell us they had a buffet just like it. About half said, "I would never paint it. I can't believe you did that". The other half said, "I love it. Will you tell me how you did it?". So, for those who loved it, this one is for you. We started with the original stained furniture finish. We used a brush to paint it with a product called Set Coat Black by Faux FX. Next we applied a crackle medium to the top along with some smears of Vaseline in a random pattern all over the surface. Then we sprayed on a coat of Sherwin Williams 6758 Aquaduct. After the paint dried, we wiped off the Vaseline areas which took off the top layer of paint creating a distressed look. Lastly we took a fine grit sandpaper and distressed areas that would traditionally see a lot of wear. Then we finished it off with a top coat of a non yellowing polyurethane for protection. There you have it.

If you're not brave enough to attempt this DIY paint project yourself give us a call. We will be glad to help.


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    I have gone through your answer and i found it appropriate as it is really important in printed furniture area for improvement.

    Thanks for sharing with us ..

  3. i really like painted furniture thanks for the insight. Painting pieces gives you a unique items of furniture. Might try and salvage some furniture this weekend i'm feeling inspired.