Friday, October 16, 2009

Champagne Finish on a Tight Budget

We are on a never ending quest to find dazzling finishes that will fit a variety of budgets. Many of the finishes in our portfolio are created using high quality proprietary products. Most of our clients are watching their money a little more closely than usual and have started asking for finishes with lower product costs. Brooks did a little experimenting in our dining room this week and came up with a pretty cool finish that he created by mixing about 4 different colors of regular latex paint.
Before After Before After I love it so much that I think I will pick 4 different colors for my daughter's bedroom. This finish could also work in a variety of interiors, it could be traditional, transitional, modern, old world, and contemporary. I also had to show you the medallion he made a while back. This is a piece of foam board that he finished to look like granite. He added a couple of art imprints of cherubs and a few more decorative touches and now it beautifully accents our light fixture. Wow, I really need a new camera. And, maybe we have a slight lighting issue in our dining room too. Maybe Santa will read this and bring me a new camera and a new light fixture for Christmas.

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  1. Okay, so this looks awesome! What colors did you use? I can't tell by the photo. Varying shades of creams and browns? I have something similar in mind for a friend's house. it looks great!