Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Make Your Own Canvas

Brooks is creating a mural on canvas for our Make a Wish room at the Make a Wish Holiday Home Show that is coming up in Arrington, TN. It is a very large canvas, 4ft x 6ft. Have you ever priced one of these things? Well, let me tell you they don't sell them anywhere locally. And to order one online and have it shipped is a fortune. So, for less than $100 Brooks built one from scratch. First I ordered about twice as much fabric as we needed from Indiana Coated Fabrics. Then, Brooks went to Lowe's and picked up some poplar 1x4's and some L brackets. He cut the wood to size and attached the corners with L brackets. Here you see him in our state of the art workshop, (aka our garage). Then he rolled out the fabric. Laid the frame over the fabric and fastened the fabric to the frame with staples.
Voila, a beautiful canvas just waiting for it's subject matter.
Here is the master at work. This is a particularly nice shot of our art studio (aka the upstairs landing).

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