Monday, November 16, 2009

Inspiration around the Web

I am addicted to faux painting and design blogs. I could disappear in them for hours. They are a great source of escape and inspiration for me. One of my new favorites is The Magic Brush. This is faux artisan, Jennifer Allwood's blog. She is very talented not only at painting, but also in expressing herself in her blog in a way that makes you feel like one of her girlfriends. I am in LOVE with lots of her work, but was particularly inspired by this cheetah print ceiling. Jennifer, is also willing to share her secrets. She posts step by step instructions for many of her projects. When I emailed her with questions about the cheetah ceiling she was more than willing to share her recipe and sources. Brooks just finished putting the finishing touches on his own cheetah ceiling thanks to the help and inspiration from Jennifer.

Another one of my favorite faux painting blogs is Fauxology by artisan, Regina Garay. Regina is a pioneer in the cyber world of faux painting. We have been friends on twitter for about a year now and I've got to tell you that Regina is the best cheerleader. She is always promoting other artists and bringing attention and recognition to their work. She is also very knowledgeable and helpful and always answers all my questions on blogging and painting. This is my favorite project by Garay Artisans. I want this on the stair well in my house.

A few of my favorite design inspiration sites are The Lettered Cottage Southern Hospitality Verdigris Vie and Cote de Texas. Drop a line and let me know some of your favorite blogs. I always have time to browse a few more.


  1. Ahhhhhhhh..... you are too sweet!!!!! Thank you for the shout out!

    I agree... Regina is great!

    hey... under my blogs that I am inspired by on my site... you'll find "Beauty for Ashes"... it's from one of my closest friends.... Laretha... who also has a son with autism. She writes about it alot. She is wonderful Christian woman... you should check out her blog!

    Bless you!

    Cant wait to see that cheetah project!

  2. Jennifer, I checked out your friend's blog. It is very cool. I will have to add that to my reader. I'll post pictures of the ceiling in a week or so. Thanks for the nice comment!


  3. Dana - How much do I look forward to when we meet?!? Big hug sent to you and *thank you* for mentioning my blog and our work. I'm inspired by the artisans I meet and am constantly humbled by the amazing current work to rival the classic artisans. You should know I also love your firm's artistry, your blog and your general wonderfulness (that should be word!). Here's to a beautiful friendship!